The “IT” Girl -Gift Ideas by the WauTeam-


The “It” girl in today’s world is not a bystander but a force to be reckon with… She has the determination and the drive to make things happen. The #WauTeam brings you today a

fresh pick of unique and awesome gift ideas for the “IT” girl.

Let’s celebrate the beauty and strength in us and each and every woman that surrounds us.

Get ready to go on your day with just a white tee, jeans, and this up-cycled hoodie for the chilly weather spurs… Don’t forget to smell the flowers before going out the door… Display your blooms in hand painted mason jars and fill your walls with eclectic artwork; just like this cactus watercolor or a typographic chalkboard print… Drink your tea (or coffee) in this vintage mug to get energized and ready to tackle the world (or the kids…), and put on your favorite perfume oil or toss it in your bag to freshen anytime. Accessorize with simple and modern accessories like this hematite bracelet with gold tube accent or this minimalistic asymmetric necklace… By the time your day is done what better way to unwind that to play soft music and put on this skin mask that will not only purify your face but will help you to unwind… And ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed this sample of amazing gift ideas for the amazing and UNIQUE YOU!

See you next time… And remember WE ARE UNIQUE!