Monday morning super breakfast

It’s Monday morning again and many of us wake up with thoughts for all the tasks that must be done through the week. I am sharing my super breakfast for two, which I find to be perfect for busy days, as this food gives a lot of power and doesn’t require more than 10 min to get ready. The only thing one should keep in mind is to soak the raw nuts over night.

Needed products:

Fruits – 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 kiwi (or other sour fruit)

4 table spoons oatmeal

100-150 ml hot water

2 table spoons honey

1 table spoon tahini

3 table spoons soaked raw nuts

Soak the raw nuts in good amount of cold water over night. On the morning rinse the nuts and leave them aside. In a big bowl put 4 table spoons of oatmeal and cover them with hot water to get soft.

super breakfast 1

Cut all the fruits on small squares. Here I used an orange instead of kiwi, because that’s what I found in the fruit shop. Still I think the kiwi tastes better in combination with the rest of the ingredients. One can play around with different fruits.

super breakfast 2

Next step is to take all the nuts out of the water and just crush or cut them on small pieces. This should be easy as soaked nuts are a bit more softer (fragile). If there are almonds in the mix, they could be peeled, as their skin gets off easily when wet.

super breakfast 3

Now take a look at the bowl with the oatmeal. The oatmeal should be ready, which means soft and creamy like. To make it more delicious I add two table spoons honey and one table spoon tahini. It is good if the tahini is made of raw sesame seeds, as it contains more nutrients and it is lower in fat. Stir the honey and the tahini in the oatmeal.

Finally serve the oatmeal in two small bowls. On top of each add the cut fruits and raw nuts. I hope you will enjoy this breakfast as much as I do.

super breakfast 4

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